The Art of Hosting at The European Art of Collaboration

How can we catalyse the power of transformation to create a more participative and collaborative world?

Who is this for ?

Anyone interested in change and looking for skills to bring this about , change agents, social entrepreneurs, business people, managers, consultants, facilitators, people who lead community process,, activists and community leaders..

Why this and why now?

At a time of increasing urgency and complexity, the purpose of this 2 day workshop is to learn and practice new forms of meeting together, which create greater collaboration, innovation and effectiveness. We will explore the skills, abilities and creative ingenuity needed to communicate well together and navigate the challenges that confront us. We will offer the tools and techniques, but this is more than a suite of methods. What is offered is beyond facilitation or moderation, it is a practice of becoming skilful at helping ourselves and others to work well together, giving care to all aspects of people’s work together

Does this call you?

Then, this introductory course would help you to start your adventure.

You can’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Art of Hosting in Donostia where we will have the collaboration of Linda Joy Mitchell, Soledad Pons, Mariana Ruiz de Lobera, Jose Augusto Barco Bermudez, Irene Zurborn and Cata Ramirez who are the hosting team for this introductory workshop. We are stewards and experienced practitioners of the Art of Hosting, artists, musicians and community organisers. The workshop will be offered in Spanish and English, with some translation support.

What can I expect from this workshop ?

This will be an experience of  “learning by doing”, so you have to be prepared to be in action from the minute zero. We will offer some teaching and models and there will be many opportunities to practice hosting and harvesting conversations as a practice both at a personal, team and community level. Take a look what we learned in our last worshop.

This workshop is designed as an Introduction to The Art of Hosting so you can taste the essence of some the basic tools and techniques such as Open Space, World Cafe, Circle Practice and Appreciative Inquiry. Bring your own creative flair and energy and real issues or real problems you are grappling with.


In which context this workshop will be happen?

The workshop is one of a series of consecutive workshops running over the weekend at the The Art of Collaboration Week. The overall conference is modular and you can choose which weekend workshop you wish to attend.  All the workshops will open on Friday’s morning and close on Sunday midday with a collective harvest so you can learn what happened in the other workshops and meet with people from other practices and trainings.

You can  participate in our workshop for the weekend or in one or more events and activities happening during the whole week of 23th June to 1st of July.

Another way to connect with us is to come to the Art of Hosting community of practice day encuentro de comunidades y entre comunidades where we will host an open space giving you the chance to connect with hosting practitioners from all over spain and beyond and take your conversations to another level

What is The Art of Hosting?

The Art of Hosting ( Art of Participative Leadership ) is a response to an ever more complex and unpredictable world, where solutions and innovations can no longer be found in one single leader or one single point of view, but in our ability to see and work with the collective intelligence of the whole system.

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective practice of harnessing the collective wisdom and the self-organising capacity of groups of any size. The Art of Hosting blends a suite of powerful conversational processes, which invite people to step in and take charge of the challenges facing them. More information


Friday 24th of June, 2016 at 10:00 – Sunday 26th of June, 2016  at 19:00


TABAKALERA: 4ª PTA. KUTXA KULTUR, Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea

TABAKALERA: 4ª PTA. KUTXA KULTUR, Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea

Calle Reina Mercedes, 7, Local 2
28020 Madrid, Madrid, España


Soledad Pons

Soledad Pons

Art of hosting practitioner and steward, has co-founded and coordinated the Impact Hub Madrid’s team and has been distinguished among the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain in the category of innovative and entrepreneurs. Speaker at TEDxBarcelona, she specialises in participative leadership, involving different stakeholders and encouraging people to be authentic and real in their work, while linking face-to-face interactions with technology. She continues to develop her passions: people in collaboration, trust in teams, enabling spaces, education, women leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and technology.
Mariana Ruiz de Lobera

Mariana Ruiz de Lobera

Mariana is a graduate in Sociology, postgraduate in Social Psychology and Participatory-Action Research. She works as a consultant on participative leadership, knowledge management and social innovation for the third sector. Passionate about participatory methodologies, harnessing of collective intelligence for social transformation and inter-cultural communication. She has worked within NGOs, in international cooperation, in the field (Brazil, Nicaragua), responsible for knowledge management, participatory development methodologies and systematization of experiences. She also knows the sector as a consultant, working for NGOs and for local administration, training in inter-cultural communication skills, conflict resolution and social mediation. Currently she is running workshops on Art of Hosting for the Masters degree in Psychosocial Intervention.
Irene Zurborn

Irene Zurborn

Interested in education technologies, sustainability, diversity, collective intelligence, innovation and the art of conversations that generate new possibilities. Currently working in the design and coordination of knowledge management and vocational training programmes in Latin America and Africa. Has experience working with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and has been recently learning about design methodologies and U. theory. Participates in the U.Lab Hub Madrid and collaborates in a participatory action research project of her neighborhood. Member of the advisory committees at Online Educa Berlin and the Ibero-American Journal of Distance Education.
Cata Ramírez

Cata Ramírez

I’m a dreamer, a Dance of universal peace dander, and most passionate about Art of hosting and connecting human beings. I really believe on collective intelligence and the resilience of the planet. I have a background on Clinical and social psychologist, group work, community therapy medical Anthropology and community development, gender studies, International humanitarian law and peace building ,facilitation and coaching. I’ve been working on humanitarians NGO’s for the last eight years, also I’ve been working facilitating group process as a free-lance consulter in different humanitarian organisations and countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Yemen) and on Ministries of health.
José Augusto Barco

José Augusto Barco

A Colombian Community Organiser, and Art of Hosting Practitioner. Jose Augusto Barco, is a social entrepreneur based in Bristol, UK and Founding director of Community CoLab. He is passionate about people power, social change and social justice, creating spaces for meaningful participation and collaboration at an organisational and grassroots level.
He understands the complexity of working with diverse groups and communities and his experience includes working with local and national organisations as a trainer, group process designer, campaigner and consultant.
Jose is also a founding director of The Company of Community Organisers Ltd, a national body supporting the training and development of community organisers in England.
His work is influenced by his creative practices, musical roots and permaculture principles.

I’m interested how do I sign up and how much does it cost?

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